Maha Raja Poshaka

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A Prasadam with yaga vibhuthi and Narmada lingam will be given. 

Narmada lingam rest on a heavy silver Yoni silver with five-headed snake hood. The silver Yoni base and snake hood are made with fine finish. Narmada Linga are thhe sacred and self-manifest symbols of Lord Shiva. They are obtained from the river Narmada, Ganga, Yamuna and other holy streams. Padma-purana says that there are along this river as many as sixty crore and sixty thousand holy ghats, all of which are associated with Narmada Linga and raudra-lingas. Even merely thinking about a linga early in the morning bestows success in all aspects of life. Worship of Shivalingam blesses the home with unity, harmony, prosperity, protection, good health, success and abundance and guide the members to spiritual path.